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Peace Movement in Great Britain

Glimpses of Britain and USA history

In Britain, recent years have seen a vast growth of the peace movement, particularly in the ranks of and support for the Campaign for Nuclear Dis­armament (CND). The emphasis of the campaign has been against cruise missiles being deployed in Britain against the Trident programme, as steps towards unilateral nuclear disarmament in Britain. The movement has roots in practically every town in Britain. The national leadership of the CND see the main threat as emanating from the United States. Activists in the movement have welcomed the peace proposals of the Soviet Union and the other socialist countries. Joint Action involving East and West against nuclear weapons is of great importance. The British Government’s re­sponse to the growth of CND has been to attempt to smear it as Com­munist-led. Communists have played and are playing a role in CND, func­tioning openly, publicly and honestly. Some trade unions have cam­paigned against the company building the missile launching ramps. A number of labour councils have cancelled contracts with it.

British Communists have explained the source of the war danger. The experience of the anti-war fight-back will help to enhance the awareness among those who campaign for peace.

From: World Marxist Review, 1984