Is it true that all Soviet students have to take up physical training in college?

Grigori Reznichenko ::: Young people in the USSR. Answers to questions

It's true for all first and second year students. In their senior years, PT is optional. If a student is in poor health, in his first and second year he will take not the general course, but a special one to set him up.

There is a Department of Physical Training in every higher and specialized secondary educational establishment. The total number of PT instructors at Soviet colleges is about 15,000.

If a student wants to take up sports in his free time the facilities are there. Each college and univer­sity has its sports club, which is part of a national student sports society called "Burevestnik”. All clubs have well-equipped stadiums, gyms and sports grounds. Any student can join the club and use its equipment. He will be trained by good coaches.