Is it easy to get an education in the art field?

Grigori Reznichenko ::: Young people in the USSR. Answers to questions

Not everyone can become a professional painter, sculptor or actor. A certain amount of talent is need­ed. So not everyone can aspire to a place in the art institutes. Apart from taking the usual entrance exams, applicants to art colleges also have to go through an audition (for future actors and musi­cians) or a contest of their works (for future painters and sculptors). There exist no other restrictions. More than half of the students in the art, theatrical

and music colleges come from workers' and farm­ers' families.

We in the Soviet Union believe that while far from everyone has the making of a professional artist, everyone, if he is to be a harmoniously devel­oped individual, should be able to appreciate the arts. So in secondary school drawing and music are compulsory subjects. For the child who shows talent in these fields there is every opportunity to develop them. There are about 6,000 music schools in the country and about 800 where drawing and painting are taught. Studies in these schools are in addition to what a child learns at the regular school. And at various clubs attached to factories, palaces of culture, and Pioneer clubs there are nu­merous hobby groups and art studios. As in the spe­cial schools, tuition here is free.

The system of art education is designed to teach each child and young person to appreciate art, and also to spot the ones with special artistic gifts and talent.